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It’s impossible to describe a “typical” dog attack. Every incident is unique. With all of action and confusion involved in such an attack, just about anything can happen. And when anything can happen, so can just about any kind of injury.

Among the most common dog bite injuries are neck and back injuries. New Jersey dog bite lawyer David J. Cowhey has helped many clients who suffered significant, painful neck and back ailments as a result of their attacks.

These incidents need to be treated with the seriousness they deserve. You can count on us to do exactly that.

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Long-Term Injuries

The neck and spine are remarkable instruments, but they’re almost as fragile as they are important. They’re essentially the support structure for your body, and if something goes awry with them you will feel the consequences.

A dog attack wouldn’t, on the surface, seem to be an obvious cause of neck and back injuries, but it’s important to understand just how serious and unpredictable these attacks really are. A large dog can unexpectedly leap onto a human being and knock the victim down. The sudden, heavy weight can easily strain your back or neck, while the force of the blow and resulting collision with a concrete floor can result in significant trauma.

Alternatively, even an attack by a small dog can result in a lot of thrashing and twisting. Sudden, unexpected moves like this can hurt your neck or back.

Such injuries are long-term and can seriously affect your ability to work and earn a living. What seems like a small twinge today can easily become a debilitating spasm tomorrow.

That’s why we urge you to seek medical attention after a dog attack. And it’s why you should speak to our dog bite lawyer as soon as possible. Mr. Cowhey understands neck and back injuries and knows how to effectively pursue compensation.

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